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Maya M

I disagree, however. Back in the Cold War, the USA didn't sent troops to Hungary or Czechoslovakia when they were invaded by the Soviet Union. It is not a small thing to confront a nuclear power.

John Pepple

That is true, but back then there were plenty of Americans who wanted to send troops over there. Today, they generally don't even want to.

John T.

If we look at the political realities of the various times we can see at least the semblance of reasoning, and it wasn't a left versus right thing. Both Republicans and Democrats were concerned with the increasing sphere of Communist influence. Truman convinced the UN to stop the Communists in Korea, Eisenhower was elected to end it.

Eisenhower approved of the direct overflights of the USSR until they proved they could actually shoot down our aircraft. He also approved a counter-revolution for Cuba, which Kennedy killed by not fully supporting the Bay of Pigs.

It was Kennedy who blockaded Cuba when the Soviets attempted to place IRBMs on the island. It was also Kennedy who created Special Forces designed to go to countries and either engage in unconventional warfare (fight to overthrow), or counter-insurgency (help defend the existing gov). That began our long engagement in Vietnam when the Communist-backed Ho Chi Minh began his push for the unification of the two halves (established much as the Korean line of separation was).

None of our leaders were enthusiastic about direct confrontation with Russia due to the risk of nuclear war. We did not get directly involved when Warsaw pact countries began to rebel but were happy to support surrogate wars like Isreal vs. Syria, Jordan, and Egypt.

As recently as 2001 we see a unified willingness to overthrow a government we viewed as supporting a direct threat to the US. It took us 20 years to extract ourselves, and in our own incompetence show the world we aren't as powerful as we pretend to be.

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