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Kevin Kim

Sorry to see you go. I've been reading your blog for years, and it's long been a great source for news and the discussion of current issues. Good luck as you move forward with your new projects, and sincere thanks for the high-quality writing you've done up to now.

J. Reed Anderson

Oh, no! But I can understand, John. I’ve enjoyed your thoughts and analyses on the cornucopia of subjects you’ve written about, and you’ve even gotten me to think soccer might possibly be a sport—which did take some work. Good luck. I’ll also keep an eye to the skyline for any more books you pen. Thanks for all the years.


That's a real shame, John. Best wishes for these new directions.

John Pepple

Re: soccer. I was very tempted to post about the latest soccer absurdity -- that the U.S. not only got into the upcoming World Cup, but that it is in a group with Iran -- but decided that no, I was going to stick to my plan.

Maya M

I'll miss it. Best wishes!


Happy trails!

John T

Best wishes with whatever directions life take you.


Always enjoyed your thoughts on topics over the years. All the best for your further endeavors!

Charles N. Steele

Darn. I've learned a lot, quoted you in classes, handed out a couple copies of "The Left's War on the Poor" to students and faculty members, and most of all had fun reading your stuff.

After retiring you should come out of retirement, like Tom Brady, and if you do, email me so I know you are back in action.

Thanks for all the insights you've shared!

John Pepple

Charles: Thanks for all your support! I will indeed email if I start up again.

Joe Garrett

Everything has its season. Good luck in your new endeavors.

John Templeton

Sorry to see you go. You are a valuable voice in these times. Maybe just give yourself a break?

John Pepple

Thanks. Right now, I'm working on non-political projects, but we shall see.

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